Ruins of Fort Ossum

Heroes of Sandpoint
Cleansing the Wilderlands

Banishing Nualia and slaying the foul barghest Malfeshnekor, the heroes fix their places in the hearts and minds of the good folk of Sandpoint and the surrounding Hinterlands. Facing every foe and fiend with equal courage, what can stand before the might of a united band of worthy adventurers…Nualia_Hounds.jpeg


Purge of Goblinkind


The Heroes of Sandpoint proved their mettle against the nefarious Nualia, the beautiful acolyte of Lamashtu. Now that she has fled, the goblins will no longer be able to unite their quarreling tribes to pose anything more than a nuisance to the good folk of the land.

Ameiko, the heir to the Kaijitsu holdings, goes with her brother Tsuto to his trial in Magnimar. He is hanged for murder and conspiracy. The quasit Erylium is banished to the Abyss. The Mayor and Sheriff are immensely grateful to the Heroes, offering any help they can provide.

Nig takes his share of the loot and gains a newfound respect amongst the townspeople. Rather than see him as a creepy rat person, they value his appraisal and problem solving thriftiness. Shalelu collects the bounty on Bruthasmus, hangs his bow in the Rusty Dragon, then slips off in to the wilderness in the following few days.

After the excitement of the Thistletop battle, L’Roy Jenkins sleep is disturbed by a lingering menace. Behind a sealed door, a long-brooding evil waits for its chance to unleash its spite on the world….

Assault on Thistletop
Ending the Goblin Threat - Once and for All!

Tracing the source of goblinoid violence to Thistletop, the heroes courageously determine to bring the fight to their door. With newfound allies, they wreak havoc on the goblins mustering there, and cut down Warchief Ripnugget, dismantling the goblin forces once and for all.

With Ripnugget out of the way and Erylium and Tsuto in custody, will the real menace behind the goblin aggression be confronted…?

You Saved Us.....! from goblins
Driving the Short Bus Off a Cliff


After miraculously surviving the shipwreck and the dreaded Kraken, the party finds themselves in the sleepy town of Sandpoint. They quickly make a name for themselves by foiling an ill-planned goblin raid, but at least manage to stem the chaos and prevent more harm to the common folk. The townspeople and authorities have you in their good graces, which is great timing, as it seems that more trouble is brewing…

"Better to die as Kraken-snacks than live as slaves"
Kraken-1, Slavers-0




And so the brave young Pathfinders braved the treacherous waters of the Inner Sea, facing down the ruthless Slavers of Okeno, only to escape in to the clutches of a dreaded Kraken. They fought heroically, yet the beast tore their vessel asunder, and drug their courageous Venture Captain down to a watery grave. Who knows to what end they have come, for who can fathom the many leagues of the sea, and who can measure the depths of the Deep?




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